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Tube Amplifiers, ensures a warm and natural sound that cannot be replicated by modern semiconductor technology. 

Take your tube amp to the superior level !

Installing one of our Auto Bias modules will extend the life, anything up to twice the life span, of your precious output tubes and you'll never have to adjust the bias again!
Other benefits of using our Auto Bias modules is a balanced output stage, giving you the best possible sound out of your tube amp!
Many have, and continue to praise, our Auto Bias modules, with countless positive feedbacks and comments in hi-fi forums.
We would like to thank all of our past, present and future customers.

Auto tube bias control  

100% technical support by contact e-mail !
Send a diagram of your amplifier, we will draw the connection to your amplifier.

Lovers of tube amplifiers, musicians !

Experience the perfect sound of your amplifier! Get rid of bias frequent adjustment, without which the sound is never perfect !
Try our automatic bias setting system.
Set it up once, and never again!

This system ensures the absolute balance of the amplifier and thus ensures perfect performance and long life of the tubes.
Replacing the power tubes is a breeze as well. Plug in a new batch of tubes which may not even be paired, disconnect the input, turn the amp on and let it sit for 5 minutes. That’s it. No special tools or devices required. Everything is set up perfectly automatically.


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