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Terms and Conditions

Terms for purchase at this online store

The customer confirms that he accepts the terms and conditions for supply of goods declared by the seller. Relations between the buyer and the seller is subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding for both parties.

We offer you the opportunity to purchase directly from your home where you can buy nonstop. You can easily and conveniently using a shopping cart or e-mail.
The contract is only the goods specified in the purchase contract - order. Properties, weight, features and other information provided on our website, catalogs, brochures and other printed information is voluntary and based on data from manufacturers. In case of discrepancies we will surely contact.
We are committed to our customers we will only deliver goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or features usual for the type of goods conforming to set standards, rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic.
The condition for the fulfillment of our electronic order completion of all required data specified in the order form. The order is also a sales contract, when the purchase agreement is the delivery of goods. The contract of sale requires a formal confirmation by the seller. In particular, especially more difficult cases, the seller reserves the right to the formation of the contract confirmation personally or by phone and pay a financial deposit by the buyer.
In the event that during the time when the goods were ordered, there has been a significant change in foreign currency or a change in price or product range supplied by the supplier, we reserve the right order, in agreement with the buyer or modify it from unilaterally terminate with immediate effect. The same privilege to reserve even if the manufacturer ceases to deliver the ordered product or to market a new version of the product or significantly changes the product price.

The order confirmation will be sent by e-mail to send you also be informed by e-mail. In case of doubt, we will contact you.

4) packaging and postage
Ordered goods will send the Czech post or in person we will bring it to you at a prearranged time. It is also possible by arrangement to choose another carrier.

Delivery time is from 1 to 10 days, unless stated otherwise. In the event that certain goods are not in stock, we will contact you immediately.

Pavel Kotras

Lojovice 62

25169 Velke Popovice

Czech Republic

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