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Processing of personal data


Detailed information on the processing of personal data

The person Pavel Kotras, ID 13767402, based in Lojovice 62, 25169 Velke Popovice, Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the "administrator"), hereby informs about the basic principles and principles under which, as a personal data controller, in connection with the provision of his services he treats the personal data of his customers (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "data subject") who have given their consent to this handling of personal data.

All procedures of the Administrator are governed by applicable Czech legislation, in particular Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, and by Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which unifies the protection of personal data within the European Union.

The administrator determines the purpose and means of processing personal data in accordance with applicable laws, carries out processing at the place of residence and is responsible for such processing. No other processor is designated. Personal data will not be given to third parties.

The personal data that will be processed by the administrator based on the authorized assignment include the name and surname of the natural person, the business and the business name, the ID, the VAT ID and the registered office, address, delivery address, telephone or e-mail address, date of the order, price of the service, information about the payment made, or information about the notifications made - order confirmation, information on the movement of services, etc., contact details: email address and telephone number, product and service request information, call records, or other interactions between the data subject and the administrator, information obtained from the internet browser used by the data subject, the IP address and data to be processed for performance of the contract or for the statutory duty of the controller or for the legitimate interests of the controller.

For the conclusion and performance of contractual relationships, complaints or other consumer protection imposed by a special legal regulation, the sending of ordered services and the handling of orders, the retention period is limited for the duration of the contractual relationship and includes the interval from the moment of ordering the goods until the warranty period expires.

The processing of personal data for the dissemination of business communications concerns only the necessary scope of the address and identification category data - electronic e-mail contact and mobile phone number. In this case, the data subject is allowed to refuse sending other next bids (by answering to a commercial message or by sending an e-mail containing the disagreement to the address stated in the commercial message). Assent granted to the processing of personal data for the dissemination of business communications remains valid for ten years or until the entity has been revoked. Revocation of consent is effective at the moment of delivery to the administrator's address.

Agreeing with the processing of personal data for the dissemination of business communications is voluntary and you may refuse to grant it or grant consent at any time to appeal. Failure to grant or withdraw consent does not have consequences for any contractual relationship between the entity and the trustee and for the use of the products and services of the trustee for which this consent is not required. The consent can be revoked by writing to the administrator. Revocation of consent is effective at the moment of delivery to the administrator's address.

Information about the right to ask an administrator for an explanation regarding the processing of personal data that is in conflict with the protection of privacy and personal life or in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act and the removal of the condition resulting from such processing:

Any data subject who discovers or considers that the controller or processor processes his or her personal data in a way that is contrary to the privacy or privacy of the data subject, or in violation of law, in particular if personal data are inaccurate with regard to the purpose of processing, may a) ask the administrator or processor for explanation; b) require the administrator or processor to remove the resulting condition. In particular, it may be blocking, repairing, supplementing or disposing of personal data.

If the data subject's request is found to be legitimate, the administrator or processor shall immediately remove the defective condition.

If, as a result of the processing of personal data of the data subject other than property damage, a claim is made in the application of the claim under the Czech Civil Code.

Voluntary instruction to provide personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act: The data subject is not obliged to provide personal data for processing under a special law. Rejecting the provision of personal data may have consequences that relate only to the conclusion of contractual relationships.

This processing of personal data is valid and effective from May 23. 2018.

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